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Our UK-based technical help desk team is dedicated to supporting you in the ongoing operational management of your CRM system. The help desk team can also support your users access to your CRM data and processes, regardless of their location and choice of access device (laptop, tablet or smartphone).

Support Channels

Remote Support

Remote Assistance Support from Connect CRM using Team Viewer

Call Center

Eliminate on-hold time with priority routing to Tier 2 escalation engineers

Support Ticket

Access self-directed support on our ConnectCare portal, plus customizable training.

Email Support

Send an email to our support team for any issues if you are an existing client.

ConnectCare Plans

ConnectCare is a new opportunity for customers to experience a better overall service. Connect CRM is introducing a new ConnectCare package that allows customer to receive Professional Support for up to 3 weeks after the implementation or upgrade. This offers customers the opportunity to raise any questions that were unanswered during the on-site visit. In addition to this, a member of our support services team will contact customers once a week to ensure that the implementation was satisfactory and no issues have arisen since implementation.

Support SLA

First Response Time
Target Resolution Time
Priority 1
The entire service is "down" and inaccessible. Priority 1 incidents shall be reported by telephone only.
Within 10mins Normal Business Hours.
Four Normal Business Hours. Continuous effort after initial response and with Client co-operation.
Priority 2
Operation of the services is severely degraded, or major components of the Services are not operational and work cannot reasonably continue. Priority 2 incidents shall be reported by telephone only.
Within 1 Normal Business Hours.
Within one Business Days after the initial response.
Priority 3
 Certain non-essential features of the Service are impaired while most major components of the services remain functional.  Within 4 Normal Business Hours.
Within four Business Days after the initial response.
Priority 4
Errors that are, non disabling or cosmetic and clearly have little or no impact on the normal operation of the services.  Within 8 Normal Business Hours. 
Next release of the software.
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